Saturday, May 20, 2006

freedom required: young protesting palestinians & anti zionist orthodox jews unite in london march

Above: Young protesting palestinians in London today at a march and rally in Trafalgar Sq.

TODAY it was business as usual for Israeli neo-apartheid in Palestine; assassinations, torture, kidnappings, and now starvation as they try to force 8 million Palestinians into submission by denying them food.

And, while they block imports of food, the Israelies are dumping their toxic waste on the occupied territories.

All sponsored by the USA Corporation (Limited Liability of course), without whose generous donations, none of this would be possible.

Above: Protesting against Israeli racism: in Britain they can expect to go home after this - in Palestine they can expect to get shot. Shame on the Blair government for supporting the neo-apartheid government in Israel.

Above: You can donate £3 to help support young Palestinians in Palestine by sending a mobile text message: PAL to 84858.

Above & right: Orthodox members of 'Jews United Against Zionism' supported the march. They got a big cheer from the crowd as they were introduced by the MC: "a big smack in the faces of those who say we are anti Semitic. We are brothers and sisters." Their Rabbi, Yaakov Weiss said before the march "We see the denial of self-determination of this long suffering people as antithetical to everything the Torah and our faith stands for." He said the Zionists in Israel "have created a garrison state; the most dangerous place on the face of Earth for Jews to live, and they have dragged us into a needless conflict with the Palestinians."

'Jews for Justice for Palestine' spokeswoman Irine Brugel told a cheering crowd in Trafalgar Sq "We are appalled at the attempt of the US and Israel to starve the Palestinians into submission".

Above: Leading Palestinian activist Dr Azzam Tamimi at a packed Trafalgar Sq in London today. He gave an passionate speech. Pointing to a pro zionist sign that read 'Israel is the forfillment of the Bible' he said: "The Bible calls for peace and justice".

Other speakers included the New/Newer Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn who said "There is no greater injustice in this world than the treatment of the Palestinian people."

The event was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

End the Cycle of Violence: The ">'Peace Cycle' London to Jerusalem Bike Ride begins on Sunday 6th August.

Profiting from the Occupation: a people's tribunal to expose the corporations behind the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Sunday July 2006. (Amnesty Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA). Organised by 'War On Want'.

Bush & Palestine: now is the moment of truth

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