Friday, May 19, 2006

support palestine demo london saturday may 20th

Palestine has been turned into the biggest 'open' prison in the world - except of course most Palestinians can't get out; they are prisoners in every sense of the word.

And there is the famous Palestinian Prison Lottery; it is a daily game: will you be assassinated by an Israeli hit squad today? It is the only lottery in the world where you can win if you don't play.

Like the UK Lottery there is the Palestinian Prison Lottery 'Thunderbird' option: Palestinian prisoners can expect to have their cell blocks (homes) bulldozed, or become the target of air strikes.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign reports:

In Gaza, 40% of children suffer from malnutrition because of the Israeli occupation. John Ging, director of UN operations there, said: ‘This is the first time bread has been rationed. There’s no sugar, oil, milk, the basics.’

Since September 2000, over 3,800 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army and settlers, and over 29,000 injured.

Israel is building an Apartheid Wall that, when completed, will annex East Jerusalem and almost half of the West Bank, leaving the Palestinians imprisoned in a series of ghettos.

Over half of the Palestinian population were expelled from their homes in the 1947-49 war, and a second wave of refugees was created in 1967. Today, two-thirds of Palestinians are refugees.

Demonstrate for Palestine, London Sat May 20th: Assemble 12pm/noon on the Embankment for the march. Rally in Trafalgar Square. The Palestinian people deserve your help - do what you can!

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