Sunday, May 21, 2006

fathers 4 Justice: Paul McCartney to join?

Above: Real Fathers 4 Justice demonstration at Westminster Cathedral last Easter.

The word is not only has Fathers 4 Justice reformed, but they have formed another branch; 'Mothers 4 Justice' and may even be forming a 'Coalition of the Willing' with 'Babies 4 Justice'.'

Mean while the Fathers 4 Justice website is currently over its bandwidth limit due to so many people trying to log on after supporters stormed the National Lottery Draw last night.

schmoo is wondering if Paul MaCartney will now be joining after his recent split up. After all Bob Geldof is a supporter (along with 'Bat Man' & 'Super Man'), and 'super star' Paul could be in need of some 'super hero' support.

Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor is not going to be leading the 'reborn' campaign as before, but it has been agreed that the campaign is still necessary. It was closed down after a plot by some of it's more extreamist members was revealed - to kidnap one of Tony Blairs children!

Speaking on Radio 4, O'Connor yesterday, said the campaign now included women. He said the 'storming of the lottery' harmed no one and made a boring program a lot more interesting.

Direct action spectaculars by supporters 'Bat Man' and 'Super Man' may continue but they will not be criminal in intent.

According to GQ magazine he is the 92nd most powerful man in Britain.Spiked has an interesting interview with him from last year.

schmoo adds: the best thing parents can do if they split up is be as nice to each other as possible, and keep the lawyers out of the situation at all costs - other wise it will cost them and their children a lot more than cash (but that as well).

This Easter the 'Real Fathers For Justice' climbed up the side of Westmister Cathedral in central London.


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