Wednesday, May 24, 2006

medical cannabis: we need the NHS - Natural Healing Service

Above and below: The Natural Healing Service.

Today is going to be busy in Parliament Square. Not only will there be a support demo for Brian Haw (11am), but Medical Cannabis campaigners will be there all day as well (10am -5 pm). They are also going to 10 Downing Street, and having a meeting with MP's in Parliament (Committeee Room 18).

Supporters of the 'Medical Cannabis Awareness Day', organised by the Cannabis Education Trust are calling for cannabis to be supplied free by the NHS to treat pain, MS and many other ailments.

They also want specialist medical 'cannabis clinics' run by experts to be set up, and the end to all prosecutions for the private use of medical cannabis.

Campaigners, including the Cannabis Grandma say these policies could save the NHS millions, if not billions of tax payers cash which currently goes into the pockets of big pharmaceutical 'drug dealers' for drugs that often do not work as well as cannabis.

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