Thursday, May 4, 2006

oil wars: new 'bolivian front' opens in 'cold war' with china

Above: panic headline in london as 'oil wars' both 'hot' and 'cold' rage in Iraq, Iran, Sudan (Darfur), Congo, Nigeria, Venezuela and now Bolivia.

Some petrol pump analysis: The real weapon of mass destruction in Iraq was the oil - millions of people's lives depend on it. The question is - who's lives are going to be saved?

The answer is being fought over in Iraq and with increasing ferocity all over the world; in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

It's a worldwide 'cold war' thats getting hotter by the day. The real 'war against terror' is the war against the terrifying prospect of running out of oil supplies. Millions would die. As it is, in places like Texas, USA, people are selling stuff to pay for gas to get to work.

Behind every 'proxy war' are the true protagonists: America and China fighting for the oil. And the Americans are losing. China is beating the bungling Yanks at their own game: the practice, with out mercy, of the 'unacceptable face of capitalism' worldwide. This is 'globilisation' Chinese take-away style. Their state owned 'multi national' corporations are all over Africa and Latin America, buying oil and screwing the Americans, where ever they go.

The Americans have Exxon's and Disney Land, the Chinese have the Zhonguan Petroleum Exploration Bureau (ZPEB) - and consentration camps.

The first thing the Americans did when they invaded Iraq was surround the oil fields with troops; the invasion was a desperate preemptive strike against China.

China had already developed 'close relationships' with Iran, an American 'ex', and they were shamelessly chatting up Saddam another 'ex' lover of the Americans, and even eyeing up the Saudi Arabians. The Americans had to do something - so they beat up Iraq, and started stalking Iran.

For the same reasons we can expect a major 'domestic' in the Sudan. China is now buying 60% of the countries oil supplies, and the Americans are green with jealousy. In supporting the Sudanese government the Chinese are supporting the sickening killing in Darfur - which the Americans have ignored for years, but are now hoping to use as a pretext to go in, with help from George Clooney and Bob Geldof and of course Bush's best helper, the 'Trustafarian' Bin Laden .

Now the Bolivians have nationalised their oil and gas - who can blame them for sending in their troops to protect the production installations?

After all, the American "Gringos' have a thing called the 'Monroe Doctrine' - this more or less says that only America can dominate Latin America - or they invade.

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