Thursday, May 11, 2006

7/7 london bombings: MI6 & MI5 advertising for secret agents, as government refuses public enquiry

According to a report just released by the government, which will further fuel conspiracy theories, three of the 7/7 London bombers were known to the authorities.

However as there was no evidence against them for so much as a parking ticket offence, they not locked up with out trial, and nor were they tortured to an inch of their lives using every known technique known to the Daily Mail. And in a growing crisis for the Home Office they were not even considered for deportation, or execution by a privitised death squad.

The report also said that three similar attacks have been prevented. Apparently the 7.7 bombings cost the terrorists £8000, and since the attack £2 billion pounds have been spend on developing Britain's counter terrorism capabilities:

Top Secret; For Your Eyes Only: MI6 and MI5 are both now advertising for new secret agents.

M16 warns potential 'licence to kill' holders that "the recruitment process will be intrusive yet require complete discretion from you. You must not share news of your application with anyone."

Damn, 'schmoo' just told the landlord!

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