Friday, May 12, 2006

cool new google stuff

Above: Logo for interesting new google service: google trends.

This brilliant new google service gives search results in a time line/search volume/news volume graph, which is surprisingly useful. The excellent Micro Persuasion blog (exploring effects of "social software") has list of 25 things learned using Google Trends; No 25 is: Google is Bigger than God

Meanwhile erica joy a google employee (hope she does not get the sack) has posted some screenshots on Flickr of yet another useful google service 'Google Notebook', due to be launched next week. It looks like it will compete head on with which is a brilliant service, but suffers from being a bit slow.

The always informative Techcrunch also has some of the screen shots, plus interesting comments and information about Google Notebook which looks so good, it could make Google shares even more valuable than they are already.

Google Coop is another excellent Google idea, which is often forgotten about. It offers a way to share expertise - and of course, 'google' for it.

Meanwhile if you are sick of googling it, you can always - using a psychic 'mirth engine' recently 'beta launched' by schmoo.

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