Sunday, May 7, 2006

McKinnon extradition: US 'snatch' squads' operating in Britain are attempting to 'kidnap' UK citizens

Britain is allowing its laws to be stepped on, and its citizens 'snatched' by a former colony, for prosecution in the USA, in some cases without even the presentation of evidence of a crime.

Amnestry International has declared US jails unfit for human habitation. Now British citizens can be be clasped in chains, and sent to rot in an American jail, and fed on junk food.

This outrage is thanks to a law signed by David Blunkett as Home Secretary, (before he was sacked). Now the United States can now extradite almost anyone they like from Britain at a drop of a burger, for almost anything, while Britain can extradite almost no one from the US.

This is madness! You have to wonder if Blunkett actually read the British extradition agreement that he signed with the Americans, as it is completely one sided in the favor of the US.

There are currently two attempted kidnappings of British citizens by US 'snatch squads' who are now operating in Britain:

Kidnapping Attempt 1. In the case of David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew, the 'crime' in question was investigated by the alleged victim, NatWest Bank, who stated that there had been no crime committed.

Usually, this has been enough in the British Isles to close the case, and stop wasting police time - which is in itself a prosecutable offense.

Yet Messrs. Berminghan, Darby and Mulgrew are facing a very extraordinary form of rendition - they are being extradited to America! All this, for having sold a Cayman Islands company to NatWest, which was, in fact, in the performance of their duties, and which took place on British soil and really had little or nothing to do with the US.

Kidnapping Attempt 2. Another case that looms is that of Gary McKinnon, the teenager geek whose curiosity about UFOs lead him to hack into US websites from his bedroom. He could be a UFO 'nut' as some people say, but he does not deserve being 'abducted' by the aliens from Planet McDonalds.

This case differs in the former in that the plaintiff admits he did commit a crime, but his crime was committed on UK soil.

If Gary McKinnon is to be sentenced, then let it be by UK court.

McKinnon's next hearing will be at Bow St. Magistrate's Court on 10 May, 2006. He is contesting, among other things, a note of promise from US authorities stating that he would not be sent to Gauntanamo Bay, but which is not signed.

McKinnon is wise not to accept such a promise, as the Americans have conceded it would not be legally binding.

This is a fight for the rule of law and order. All and sundry should call their MP at Parliament, (Tel 7219 3000), and discuss this mess with them.

Bear in mind the MP's may like to beg off, but they work for you.

Stop the US 'snatch squads' - they are operating near you now. No one is safe.

Meanwhile the US Embassy won't even pay the congestion charges for their gas guzzelling limos. Mayor of London Ken Livingstone should have them put into irons, and thrown into the deepest dungeon.

Hopefully we won't be extradited for saying that.

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