Monday, May 1, 2006

london mayday march 2006: 'anarchist' scuffles in control zone

Above and below: It is strange how opposites attract; in this case the so called 'anarchists', and the cops (simple working people doing their job), just could not leave each other alone on the annual London 'Mayday' march. (Question: How can they be 'anarchists' when their website says they want pensions?)

Here the 'anarchists' are pictured after breaking out of their 'play pen' in Russell Square, to join the London Mayday Control Zone March. Later there were 'scuffles' as the 'anarchists' tried to act out their 'che guevara' macho street fighter fantasies, (probally not knowing that che was a communist). Many of these people are 'News of the World' anarchists; they read the 'News of the Screws' definition of 'anarchism = break windows and be naughty for the cameras', and have been devotees ever since. They are mostly people who have failed to get over their 'rebellion' issues with their parents in the Stockbroker Belt. The more 'crustie' they are (in need of 'sell out' Body Shop products), the bigger their likely inheritance; the longer the dred locks, the more likely they are police informers.

Above: Hair cuts by 'Big Brother'. In fact we now know that 'Class War' a typical fake anarchist organisation was run by a police infiltrator - when he was pulled out by his minders the organisation virtually collapsed! Thanks to the violent football hooligan style antics of 'anarco-facist' organisations like 'Class War', and similar 'cult' organisations which have targetted nice, but miss guided middle class kids and students, the movement has steadily lost support over recent the years. Thanks to them the 'anti capitalist' May Day Demonstrations which were part of a worldwide movement against oppression and exploitation, have collapsed in Britain. Also thanks to them inspired groups like 'Reclaim the Streets' have gone down the gutter. There were less than 200 joining this years Mayday march, mostly 'Brew Crew', Ketamine Victims and Police Informers - or agitators, possibly working for the 'News of The World' desperate for a good photo of 'crazy anarchists'.

Above: Just looking. Below: Just druming.


Above: Juvenile and dangerous attempts to cause violence by a tiny minority of counter revolutionaries.

Above: The Peace People were incredibly restrained, and deftly handled a potentially dangerous situation, when some typically selfish and aggressive people from the so called 'autonomous' anarchist 'bloc' tried to barge into Trafalgar with a sound system, and disrupt the speaches going on. Later the police did allow a 'Critical Mass' sound system in - after the speaches were over.

Above: anarchist 'blackbloc' members come out - observers on both sides of the Atlantic believe 'blackbloc' actions are dominated by agent provocateurs who want to discredit the real anarchist movement. True anarchy is about taking responsibility for yourself, and making the 'government' as redundent as possible - not looking for street brawls, dressing in black like Hitlers 'Black Shirts' did, or encouraging, through your actions, the development of the very police state you claim to be against.

Above: The line between 'anarchism' and 'facism' is very easy to cross: don't these people look like 'Hitler Youth'?

Don't get us wrong: here at the 'schmoo on the run', autonomous, underground, social center, commune, 'safe house' somewhere in central London (with broad band), we have a lot of sympathy for these fashion victim 'News of the World' 'anarchists'. After all, these people who call themselves 'anarchists', but take no personal responsibility for anything, and blame everything on 'them', or 'they', and want to destroy society, but still want pensions, all the trappings of a welfare state, and job 'security'; they really do need a lot of sympathy!

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