Thursday, May 4, 2006

council elections: election fraud continues in westminster

Above: Polling station in Westminster, London, but no mention of Lady Porter.

Lady Porter the Tory 'Bin Laden' of Westminster has never been brought to justice for master minding a huge 'gerry mandering' election fraud which continues to this day.

As part of the fraud, one of the biggest in British history, she even tried to evict the 'schmoo safe house' so she could sell it to a Tory voter, but she was foiled, and has been on the run ever since. She is currently believed to be living in a luxury cave in Israel.

Lady Porter was once the leader of the infamous 'Tory Terror' gang, inspired by the 'Krey Twins' who ran Westminster Council like the mafia runs New York. She was a known associate of the evil tyrant Maggie Thatcher who ruled Britain in a reign of terror for 18 years. Her reign was only ended after the 'Liberation' led by the freedom fighter Tony Blair.

Lady Porter owned a vast chunk of Tescos before being forced to sell her shares in a massive money laundering operation to finance her escape.

Despite extensive efforts to track her and her money down she has never been brought to justice (although some of her money was eventually found despite her claims that she was broke).

However her election fraud continues to this day: hundreds of council houses were sold to Tory voting 'co-conspirators' at knock down prices after the original occupants were tricked into leaving. These Tory vote squatters are still there, benefiting from Lady Porter's gerry mandering and voting Tory.

These Tory voters are not true Westminster residents: they are 'foreign' criminals and should be evicted and deported.

At the polling station today a young tory 'temptress' flirted with schmoo and tried to suggest 'extra services' would be supplied to local residents if they voted for the gangster party. She only shut up after being reminded that electioneering at poll stations is illegal. Yet more election fraud. No wonder the Tories always 'win' in Westminster.

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