Saturday, May 6, 2006

marches in 200 cities worldwide demand legalisation of cannabis

Above: Opps... schmoo sparked off a minor security alert taking this picture in the rain outside The Cabinet Office in Whitehall today. The 'Anti Terrorist Squad' were very nice, once they realised we were not part of the radical 'Bring Back Charles Clarke Campaign', and were in fact supporting Medical Cannabis as part of the 'Global Cannabis Action Day'. We were shocked how rusty the Cabinet Office sign has been allowed to get.

Today is the start of 'global cannabis action' month and there are events in 200 cities world wide, including London.

How safe is cannabis? How dangerous is cannabis prohibition

schmoo says: I have given up using cannabis, but I still support the end of cannabis prohibition worldwide and in Britain - for health reasons. The government says cannabis prohibition should continue because it is a dangerous drug, and the law should protect people's health. Certainly for some people cannabis does have it's dangers, and they should not use it. But prohibition is much more dangerous than cannabis, as we know from the days of Al Capone. That is why cannabis should be legalised now - to protect people's health.

Above: Medical cannabis campaigners visited the the 'Home Office' today as part of the Global Cannabis Action, but there was no one in, as sadly the previous occupier, Charles Clarke, has been evicted.

schmoo says: Charles Clarke was one of the best Home Secreteries ever. This is not a difficult accomplishment, after people like Michael Howard, but we will miss him.

As part of the Global Action there will be a MEDICAL CANNABIS DEMONSTRATION, @ PARLIAMENT SQUARE & 10 DOWNING STREET, WEDS MAY 24th 2006 (10am-5pm).

More information @ News of the Weed

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