Thursday, May 18, 2006

the right to protest: who dares to care?

Above: Part of Brian Haw's 4 year anti war protest threatened by the law.

Above: Tests show that not even the best washing power can rid the stains of children's blood.

Above: Responsible citizenship = protesting, investigating, whistle blowing, complaining, warning, writing to the newspapers, writing your own newspaper, jumping up and down, screaming, organising demonstrations, and waving fists (but not fist fighting, especially if you are a peace activist).

Above: War is a Bore.

Above: Protesters singing 'Always Think on the Bright Side of Life' in support demo for Brian Haw.

Above: Brian Haw, peace protestor.

schmoo was wrong! We though Brian Haw and his supporters were part of the 'Anti War Coalition' run by the SWP, an authoritarian political cult which jumped on the anti war bandwagon and took it over for their own evil ends. schmoo was wrong! They are not SWP zombies, they are for real. and deserve all the support they get, which includes donations of art work from all over the country; an amazing art protest exhibition.


What we need is a 'protest bunker center' (or maybe hut) built with public cash, on (or under) Parliament Square opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Designed by a top architect, to the highest of specifications, it's purpose would be to serve all the protests and demonstrations that wish to make their points outside the 'Mother of Parliaments'.

Inside the facilities should include a small TV & radio studio, computers with broadband connections, and a small meeting room. Outside should be properly designed exibition display installations, for permanent as well as constantly changing placards, posters, banners etc.

A paid position of 'Parliamentary Protest Coordinator' should be created, and Brian Haw should be the first one! He should be given an annual budget to pay helpers to run the center.

Some 'fundamentalist' comrades will say this is an outrage; how can a serious revolution be organised from a government supported 'Protest Center'? They forget that Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in the comfort of the British Libary.

Still, if the 'Protest Center' was to happen, they could always organise a protest - outside the protest center.

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