Saturday, May 20, 2006

don't buy kit kat - or you could end up in big brother

Warning: Big Brother is after you!

Don't buy Kit Kat, or accept Kit Kat from strangers - it could be a trap to get you into the 'Big Brother' House of Horrors, and end up with a fate worse than George Galloway.

In fact if you win a 'Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory' style 'Golden Ticket' in a Kit Kat your fate could be a lot worse than George Galloway (and he has still not recovered). You could end up sharing a bed with:

A porn model who claims she has the biggest breast implants in Britain.
An ex Miss Wales who is willing to have sex with anyone for fame. She says has never had sex inside before - only in the garden.
Niki the Pole Dancer "I havent had sex in 6 months 'I'm boiling up'
'Budda Babe - only 25 but looks 55.
'Jobless Lisa': she swears, burps, farts and smokes 30 a day and is looking for love.
• An Indian cross dresser.
• A Toff who claims he knows Prince Harry and Prince William.

Remember: respect yourself, don't take Kit Kat from strangers (including shop keepers), watch out for dirty old Big Brothers, they are out to get you.

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