Friday, May 5, 2006

for election junkies: elections in singapore and fiji

If you enjoyed the UK loal elections and want more, now there is an election in Singapore AND in Fiji !

Apparently Singapore is the most 'wired up' country in the world; the secret police can even tell what you flush down the toilet.

They would not let schmoo fly into Singapore without a haircut, but now we can just blog in.

Don't go to Singapore if you are a real addict - you could get executed. They even execute people for cannabis (which is not addictive).

Fiji is of course beautiful - and you can buy a whole island there for the price of a bedsit in Barking owned by a British Nazi Front (BNF) supporter.

But things can get heavy even in a tropical paradise - the army has warned it will crack down on "bullying."

Thats so sweet! After all in most of the world, it is the usually biggest bully who is declared the election winner.

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