Tuesday, May 16, 2006

chasing chavez: mob worship in london as 'impotent empire" announces arms embargo

The most popular politician in Britain today was ... President Chavez of Venesuela, as 'chavez mania', hit central London, outside the House of Parliament.

But, there are "dark forces" at work, (as the Queen, who Chavez says he loves, once said). While young girls screamed "Chavez!" outside the 'Mother of Parliaments', far away in Washington, the most unpopular politician in the world, President Bush, was announcing a US "arms embargo" of Venezuela. This may, or may definitaly, have something to do with Bush being referred to as "the assassin, guilty of genocide" by the poetic President Chavez.

Above: President Chavez arriving at The Banqueting House, Whitehall, where King Charles 1 was beheaded in 1649. Across the road in 10 Downing St, was Tony Blair who is against the death penalty, despite the fact that Chavez has called him the "friend of Hitler".

Above: President Chavez reacting to what he called the "Imperial abuse" of America. He said the arms embargo was "Insignificant ... an act of desperation by an impotent empire." Basically he can get any amount of arms from China, and he is doing a big arms deal with Iran. So all Bush has done is lose valuable arms contracts for America's industrial military diseased personality complex. And now the US has even less influence in Latin America. Makes you wonder - whose side is Bush on?

Above: President Chavez then invited 50 fans into the Banqueting Hall to hear him speak to 400 top British buisness people - possibly including a few arms dealers. The fans could not believe their luck, and security could not believe it was happening - a typical populist stroke by Chavez!

Chavez spoke brilliantly for two hours none stop, and told the business people that despite what they might think he was very open to working with businesses, and welcomed foreign investment, including from British companies.

Seems Chavez is no fool. He has a short term plan, a mid term plan, and a long term plan - in other words he has been talking to the Chinese!

Watch this space, and the most popular mouth in Latin America. If the Daily Mail hates Chavez - you know he must be good!

• Next stop for President Chavez - Libyia! And Bush just reestablished 'diplomatic relations' with Libyia - there could be trouble ahead!

When John Pilger suggested to Chavez that the US historically had had its way in Latin America, he replied: "Yes, and my assassination would come as no surprise. But the empire is in trouble, and the people of Venezuela will resist an attack. We ask only for the support of all true democrats."

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