Monday, May 8, 2006

brian haw: appeal court says go home

Media alert: Every newspaper, radio station and TV news broadcast, plus the internet, and endless blogs no doubt, are going to be quoting a load of media whores, and spoilt brats craving attention, whining that Britain is a "Police State", and that their 'free speach' and civil liberties have been taken away by the Blairite 'Gestapo'.

All because a squalid 'anti war' one crank protest by Brian Haw in Parliament Square is finally going to be removed, thanks to a long over due decision by the Appeal Courts.

Of course in a real police state he would not have lasted five seconds and would now be feeding the worms in an unmarked grave - but no one mentions that.

In a real police state all his friends in the Anti War Coalition would be in prison camps, and falling out of helicoptors over the North Sea, not taking up valuable media time bleating about freedom of speach - and in many cases even being paid for it!

Do these worthy so called defenders of civil liberties mention the fact that Haw's grotty display gets in the way of the many other demonstrators who wish to make their point in front of Parliament.

No they do not, because they and Brian Haw and his friends, who campaign to abandon the Iraqi people (average age under 18), are the real enemies of free speach.

In Iraq people now have the freedom to demonstrate and organise politically - thanks only to their liberation by American and British troops. Before that Iraqi demonstrators and activists were automatically arrested, tortured and usually killed - along with their brothers and sisters, their moms and dads, grandads and grandmothers, cousins, and uncles and aunts, plus any close friends, or associates known to the secret police.

And Brian Haw has the nerve to talk about freedom of speach. He is not related to Lord Haw Haw is he?

• schmoo was wrong: Since I wrote this in a fury against the Anti War Coalition scene creamers I have discovered that Brian Haw is OK and is not part of the SWP or any other of their front organisations, who are happy to support war and killing people 'for the revolution' when it suits them, as well as censorship and the brutal supression of opposition. See 'the right to protest: who dares to care' for more (including pictures) of the Tragalgar Square protest. Apologies to Brian for getting it wrong. At least we can admit it - unlike the SWP history rewriters.

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Hughes Views said...

As I've said elsewhere, Brian Haw and his legal chums know a lot about his rights but nothing at all about his responsibilities. In addition to making life intolerable for many people in and around Parliament Square, his over-the-top protest, however well intentioned it was, has now led to a more draconian restriction on the area around Parliament than would otherwise have been needed.

Thanks a bunch Brian....