Wednesday, May 24, 2006

brian haw: still there today

TWO Banksy paintings worth an estimated £50,000 were arrested and damaged when police stormed Brian Haws peace protest opposite the Houses of Parliament yesterday. Dozens of other art works are also in police custody, as well as two humans, but Brian Haw is still free, and at Parliament Square today.

Above: Brian Haw opposite Parliament last night. He will have been there for five years on June 2nd.

Above: An upset Brian Haw last night - but he is still there, he won't go and shan't go.

Above: Paramilitary debate - Brian Haw and a police woman discussing the new rules last night outside Parliament: a three meter display for protests at Parliament Square is still allowed, but a 'big brother' form has to be filled out - in advance.

Above: Police posse opposite peace protestors, opposite police posse at Parliament Square last night: we will have world peace when we all realise that 'them' is us, and 'us' is them.

Above: One of the valuable Banksy paintings now in police custody, and possibly damaged.

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