Wednesday, May 10, 2006

gary mckinnon: 'british' court sacrifices british citizen to us empire

Above: Gary McKinnon and his solicitor Karen Todner looking worried outside Bow Street this morning after a British district judge ruled that he should be recommended for extradition to the US for hacking into some 'wide open' Pentagon military computers looking for UFO information. There is a chance McKinnon could end up in Guantanamo Prison Camp.

District Judge Evans said he was satisfied that on the reassurances given by the US attorney and government, McKinnon would not face charges that could see him end up in Guantanamo Bay. But the US officials have refused to sign an official promise. Now the only person who can stop the extradition/kidnapping is the new British Home Secretary John Reid.

• After Gary and his solicitor had wound up their press conference, a voice from the back of the press scrum piped up to warn the on lookers that this case was being used to set a dangerous precedent for the US to futher encroach upon the rights of British citizens. Paradoxically, the accent was American, leaving a word of warning in the air, given the fact that many other British citizens are also under threat from the US Snatch Squads.

* Update (June 29th 2006).

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