Friday, May 19, 2006

9.11 eyewitness: film evidence that could change history

Above: Film maker Rick Siegel in London. He filmed the 9.11 attack in 'real time' from the other side of the Hudson Rover. His extraordinary film '9.11 Eyewitness', previewed in london yesterday, shows previously unseen footage which strongly suggests the World Trade Towers 'attacks' were in fact a 'controlled demolition' - by the US government.

Some films, like the 'The Da Vinci Code' released this week are just bad films, and will be soon forgotten, along with various failed remakes of 'Tarzan the Ape', except perhaps to be debunked.

Then there are films like the 'new' 9.11 footage of the 'attack' on the Pentagon. This has just released by the US government to 'prove' an airliner was used by terrorists to attack the Pentagon, rather than a missile fired by the US military in a classic 'false Flag' operation, as many people now think. schmoo was 'hit' number 22,328 to view this on - now we are convinced it was a missile!

'9.11 Eyewitness' is altogether in a different league, and goes further than any of the other '9.11' films so far, including the excellent 'Loose Change' (now No 2 on Google Video), in presenting a convincing case against the official 'conspiracy theory' that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by Arab Terrorists.

schmoo attended a preview yesterday which included an excellent introduction by David Shayler, ex Mi5 agent, now working for the rapidly expanding British 9.11 Truth Campaign.

Using forensic analysis of Rick Siegel's original film footage, '9.11 Eyewitness' leaves the viewer in no doubt: 9.11 was not only an 'Inside Job' - it was also a 'Botched Job' which the US government has done it's very best to cover up - and failed.

But the truth is out. You can see it now with your own eyes in this touching and personal film which shows the 9.11 attacks filmed a different angle from anything you may have seen before. This is not Hollywood fluff like the the 'Da Vinci Cod'e, it's not a government 'Tom & Jerry' Pentagon CCTV film - this is the plain and simple, very horrible truth; the US government organised 9.11.

Above: Rick Siegel; "Somethings not right. Somethings not right at all."

• '9.11 Eyewitness' will be showing at the '9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future Education & Strategy Conference June 2-4, 2006 - Chicago, IL.

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onlinetv said...

Thanks so much London and the UK. Your care for the plight of my fellow Americans is well noted. Schmoo is on the case for all of us there and I was amazed at the energy he pulls off for the good of others.

Something is wrong and we must try and fix it. Rid ourselves of the corporate governments and take back our organic responsible representative Republics.

I will be in London again on the 22nd before heading to LA for the Alex Jones Conference.