Sunday, May 7, 2006

political compass: do you really know where you are?

George Bush famously lost the support of more than half the world when he said "If you not for us, you are against us" A lot of people decided "OK, then I'm against you".

In this post modern, post 9.11, post sanity clause, peak oil, 'e bay' age, everyone is clamouring for support, selling their political wares, and often offering second hand, 'recycled' goods.

It's getting so it's hard to tell who is who; has everyone turned into a cameleon like David Cameron? Seems like it.

Which side is which? Do we support the blue greens, red blues, purple pinkos, or the orthordox bohemians?

Or, as schmoo is inclined to think, being allergic to supermarket labels; none of them.

This is where an interesting website called the 'political compass' comes in. Now you can diagnose how 'ideologically sound' you are according to your own self view, in a simple 'online' test.

A few 'lost' readers think schmoo is 'right wing' because we like the Queen of England; how wrong they are. Our 'political compass' score tells a very different story. Our score was: Economic Left/Right: -7.50, and Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.46. What is yours? You may be surprised.

Check yourself out at the political compass - you may be on Bush's side and not even know it (just kidding - we hope).

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