Friday, May 5, 2006

local elections: with 'respect' london goes 'green' barking fascist

Above: 'Delete' button for Blair soon? Crashing Blairite OS 'recycles' talent in hard drive 'reshuffle', as national issues tragically effect local 'dustbin RAM' politics, with 'fuzzy logic' BNP virus.

The lesson of the local elections is that voting 'respect' or 'green' or 'liberal' gives you the Tories. A lot of Labour voters are disillusioned because of the Iraq war - but if they think Blair is Bush's 'poodle', they should remember Cameron would be his 'lap dog'. And that's what they will get if they don't support New Labour.

Worse still, the utter failure of the left, including New Labour to cater for the interests of working people has led to the rise of the racist BNF in places like Dagenham and Barking. What is needed is less 'political correctness' - and more homes and jobs.

They handed out thousands of copies of 'Searchlight' (the anti fascist magazine), and all it seemed to do was make people even more determined to vote BNP. What people want is practical solutions for their problems, not worthy lefty preaching.

Perception seems to be reality even if it is not. Only honest action, combined with genuine communication, involving eye contact, will counter the lies of the BNF, and the fury that comes from perceived abandonment.

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