Thursday, April 22, 2010

second election debate: verdict = nobody wins as usual

As usual in British elections Nobody won the second election debate, and the government will get in.

second election debate: worm turns against cameron

When David Cameron said in his summing up statement that "We need change" the ITV focus group style 'worm' nose dived into lost deposit terror-ity for the Tories.

8.29pm: now Cameron agrees with Clegg

This is such an obvious strategy it sucks

Second election debate: schmoo poll says Gordon is winning on points

According to the Schmoo Broadcasting Corporation instant poll: Gordon Brown first, Nick Clegg second, Cameron close third

Second election debate: Cameron says "I completely agree with Gordon"

creepy tory

Second election debate: Cameron will say "I agree with Gordon"

In fact Cameron has just said "I completely agree with Gordon"