Wednesday, March 29, 2006

babies for justice:"behead deadbeat dads"

Above: Birgit Cunningham organiser of 'Babies For Justice' and her son Jack.

Birgit tested 'freedom of expression' to the limit outside No 10 Downing Street last Saturday protesting against the Child Support Agency. She produced a placard saying 'Behead Deadbeat Dads' hoping the police would arrest her and get her publicity for her 'help pay for the nappies' campaign.

She told the Evening Standard the plan did not work because:
"the police just laughed... The police asked me what we would do if Fathers For Justice turned up to attack us and I said we all had perfume to spray them with so they would face awkward questions from their girlfriends."
Apparently she is no stranger to the 'fluffy' protest style - she also once worked for the Green Party on £40,000 a year and splattered a chocolate eclaire in the face of the then Agricultural Minister, Nick Brown, to protest about the Government's lack of interest in farming. Hopefully 'Babies for Justice' does a bit better than the Green Party.

schmoo is also wondering if 'Babies For Justice' includes justice for the couple of million babies dying of thirst in Africa right now? The 'G8' T shirt (pictured above) does not necessary mean anything.

Birgit is currently pursuing Harry Nuttall, the father of her son Jack through the courts - apparently he dumped her after falling in love with Dalit Cohen, an ex-girlfriend of tycoon Robert Maxwell's son, Ian. It could be nasty!

The Babies For Justice website points out:
"Many mothers and fathers have been sorely let down by the overwhelming incompetence of the CSA (Child Support Agency). Some parents are receiving little to no maintenance whatsoever and are living in poverty. Many fathers are being charged more money than they even earn, while hundreds of fathers (in most cases) are exploiting the many loop holes available to them to avoid accurate assessments".
schmoo investigates further: Known as the "riches to rags 'it' girl" Birgit is a former lover of Kevin Costner, and flatmate of Elizabeth Hurley, who knew Princess Diana. She went from living the 'Life of Riley' to being a single mum living on benifits - but she says she has never been happier.

She told the Daily Mail:
"I was educated at Roedean, Princess Anne's old school, before attending Rutgers College, one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., where I studied History of Art. At 22 I got a job in an art gallery. It paid peanuts, but that didn't matter. Daddy gave me a £2,000 monthly allowance - which I spent within days on clothes and partying. In 1987, I returned to London where Daddy got me a job as a stockbroker and bought me a £1 million flat in Chelsea. Life was sweet".

"Now, I know there are more important things in life - namely dignity and self-respect. Of course, there are times when I feel angry. In Woolworths the other day Jack wanted a Star Wars toy. It was £6. I only had £5 in my pocket. When I refused, he cried hysterically. However, if I can teach my son one lesson it's that material possessions don't bring happiness. Nor do they make you a good person - and I should know".
Babies for Justice are collecting case studies, so if you want to behead a dead beat dad - email them:

* The Fathers For Justice campaign was officially disbanded after a crazy plot was revealed to kidnap Tony Blairs son. Its members made their cause famous by dressing up in 'Super Hero' outfits to do publicity seeking stunts.

If they were around now, they'd be advised to swap their 'super hero' body suits for nappies.

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