Thursday, March 30, 2006

blair baiting escalates: prime minister on media terrorists 'hit' list

Animal Liberation activists are voicing concern as close to extinct British Prime Minister Tony Blair is hunted without mercy 'on the run' somewhere in Australia. Terrorists from the 'Evening Standard' and suicide reporters from the 'Daily Mail' with links to evil Tory mastermind 'bin camercon', who operates from a cave somewhere in London's lawless Notting Hill 'zone 2' millionaries area, say they have an inalienable right to hunt and kill the Prime Minister, his family, his friends, friends of his friends, and anyone who owes him a favour.

• Meanwhile the 'National Farmers Supermarket Union' is backing a cull of 'labour badgers' who are known to carry the deadly 'community charge increase' virus which could spread to extra fuel taxes for Land Rovers and other 'essential' 4 wheel drive vehicles.

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