Saturday, March 4, 2006

bono is a disgrace: better dead than 'red'

Give A Dog A Bono and he'll sell out Africa for 1%

Disgraced, failed song writer Bono is a "wanker" according to Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

schmoo agrees 101%; Bono is a disgrace to humanity, and (worse still) to all musicians everywhere (even on other planets).

Apparently Bono is no longer living in the gutter with Bob 'Goebbels' Geldoff say ex friends (who do not want to admit they ever knew either of them).

They say Bono is now trying to go 'main stream' in the sewers of Washington, and is sleeping with rats riddled by the neo-con virus, after selling his soul to the Devil for just 1% of the earnings of a credit card called 'red', which is actually a front for the evil masonic 'American Express' credit card company.

schmoo has heard "on the grapevine" that at least one member of Bono's band U2 may be quitting because they can't play music with a blood drinking vampire.

We are wondering if addiction to blood drinking could explain Bono's obsession with AIDs and the colour red. Bono makes Kate Moss look like a nun; at least she is only into 'white' at the moment, and hopefully will never get into the 'brown'.

Bono's latest deal to sell his soul to American Express is certainly further strong evidence that he is indeed a blood drinker along with Michael Jackson and Garry "that will do nicely up your arse" Glitter.

The famous American Express green card, now ominously turned red by Bono 'Vinyl Solution' (possibly heralding World War 3), is in fact used by gross sex fiends all over the world who pretend to be 'do gooders' when really they 'do fuck anything'.

The capitalist death cult card is also known to be used by many of the worst and most evil people on this planet; real low life including top arms dealers, and serial killers such as Shell executives and Tesco store managers. These people work in league with known devil worshippers such as Tony Blair (suspected leader of the 'Fagin Gang') and George Bush (ex US president) who pretend to be servants of 'God' while spreading fire and brimstone and Walmarts where ever they go.

Such is the fear caused by 'American Express' that simply producing the dreaded card makes waiters and servants bow and grovel in fear of their lives. They rush to do what ever they are told, however gross or demeaning. This is similar to guards in a concentration camp, as pointed out by the great British leader and night bus organiser Ken 'oyster card' Livingstone.

schmoo can also reveal links with vile tat merchants Armani whose ill fitting 'designer' jeans may cause child birth defects, and the evil witch Claudia Sheffer whose adverts allegedly make 66.6% of all women feel sick, according to a recent 'scientific' poll by 'Hello! You Are A Fucking Ugly Failure' magazine.

schmoo says ...
Be very inc-red-ulous of Bono. Bono is either inc-red-ibly stupid, inc-red-ibly miss guided, or inc-red-ibly evil. One thing Bono certainly is not is inc-red-able.

The foul Bono obviously does not know that the red card is what football refs bring out when they send players off for grossly unsportsmanlike behaviour!

Don't buy Bono's plastic! Don't spend your bread with red!

Bono is a No-No.

History of Disgrace: 'Blind Aid' was considered bad taste incarnate by most sane people at the moment their TV's and radios started making an ugly noise called 'If they Knew It was the Devil Singing They Would Puke Blood'. The Satan inspired pop properganda campaign ruined Christmas forever, and was renamed 'Band Aid' because of the number of virtually dead pop stars it saved from almost certain death by media starvation.

Like the useless water proof plasters sold in 'Boots the Drug Pushing Pimps', all 'Band Aid' did was stop air getting to the open gangrenous wound that is Africa, covering up the infection so it spread inwards, and preventing the puss oozing over tourist areas.

The African puss went totally rancid in the early 2000's, so even the tourists started noticing the stench of rotting bodies as they sipped their 'Coke-A-Killer' on the beaches. The vile puss spread across the continent so it could even be seen from space - but not on 'Sky TV' which was censored. Instead we had ads for holidays in Tunisia, and then 'Live 8' to prevent mass hysteria in the 'caring' ghettos of Woking, Surbiton, Hampstead, Islington, etc etc.

This was followed by a septic rash of BBC 'News Fright' specials which we now know resulted in the ongoing 'Super Bug Brother' epidemic which escaped from TV studios and spread nationwide due to a total lack of personal TV viewing hygine. Scientists fear it may now be mutating into the more virulent 'happy slapping' craze.

The 'Live 8' Africon spectacular has gone down in history as 'Live Hate' because only stars everyone hates a lot, like the mad American cultist 'Madonna man-bully-bitch' could be persuaded to sing/screech.

Unfortunately Madonna has moved to London and now lives round the corner from 'schmoo house', considerably lowering the tone of the neighbourhood due to her 'domestic' arguments with her talentless, scene stealing, pisshead husband, and her infantile outbursts in the local Nazi press (Evening Standard) against the congestion charge. We used to think Madonna was alright, but not any more; she's obviously done too much yoga.

Not satisfied with the likes of Madonna, Sir 'Geldofuck-Everyone' even tried to trick the incredibly gifted band 'The Rolling Stones' into prostituting themselves for 'Live 8'. Of course the saintly Stones refused because they are indeed living saints, 100% decent humans, and genuine 'Fair Trade' class 'A' real musicians (unlike Bono and U2 or Madonna).

Undaunted by anything like the obvious truth, Geldoff claimed 100% success after his multi national concert corporation broke even despite costing £20 million, but it soon emerged that the net result of 'G8' was that instead of 55 thousand people dying every day in the African concentration camps, 'productivity' was in fact down to 35 thousand dead a day.

Geldoff was therefore soon demoted by OXFAMINE and other death industry NGO 'charities' who have replaced him as their 'pop priest' by Bono who is now fronting the new 'red' card, dipped in bird flu virus and AID's positive African children's blood.

LATEST BONO NEWS: 'U2', Bono's infamous funeral and wedding band, has cut short it's world tour of funerals in Australia (no weddings wanted them). The tour cancellation could be due to bird flu scientists fears that the alleged 'wankers' may be spreading the deadly bird flu virus at their gigs as a sick way of getting more work.

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