Tuesday, March 28, 2006

'general strike': self harmers down razor blades

Above: 'old left' fellow travelers cling to their status quo, as their political hulk slowly sinks.

The Left is Dead! Long Live the Left! Today there is the biggest 'general strike' in Britain since the 1930's but don't expect much. It is not about saving the planet or ending the ongoing poverty and mass starvation of billions worldwide, it is not about preventing the looming World War 3. It's about pensions for civil servants. How radical! They want more tax payers money invested in oil companies and arm traders. They will be lucky if civilisation lasts long enouph to pay any pensions at all, much less more. Who will suffer in this strike? Dole claiments, school children - and pensioners!

Meanwhile as the 'General Strike' goes ahead in Britain the 'radical' students in France are hardly Paris '68. Instead of calling for change or being sensibly situationist about things, their demands to end the new 'First Job Contract' (CPE) amount to a demand that things stay exactly the same! They are actually campaigning to keep the status quo, which in France ensures that jobs for young people are few and far between. More self harmers.

To make matters even more depressing for anyone with a progrssive cell in their brains, the French rioters are hardly anarchist freedom fighters - they are members of the under-locust-class who are upset because no one will give them a credit card, and are out to loot as many consumer goods as they can - and rob the 'rich' students. What a situation; what a sad sorry spectacular spectacle.

History of the Left: So 'left' they are backwards.

The 'progressive' left in Britain, of which the unions are meant to be a part, has been a slowly sinking ship for years and almost does not exist anymore, mostly due to self inflicted wounds. Yet more self harmers! Self marginilisers, united in their masochism, their addiction to failure. The left urgently needs serious therapy and saving before it slashes itself to ribbons and becomes the most conservative and reactionary force in British politics!

The Socialist Workers Party did a great job in the 1960's, 70's, 80's & 90's alienating almost everyone from progressive politics, and helping their Militant friends in the Labour Party ensure we had 18 years of Thatcherism.

The Greens looked good for about 5 seconds, but their failure though utter ineptitude has been the biggest environmental disaster in British History. They are held back in the politics of the 1970's by funamentalist, orthordox sandle wearers (with socks!), who think saving the planet means not washing, being rude about Anita Rodderick of the Body Shop (they are so radical!), living on the dole, and recycling old slogans. In the last general election they used an utterly inefficient diesel gusseling double decker bus, and were filmed by the BBC's 'News Night' parking it - in a disabled drivers parking space!

The so called 'anarchists' (just pretending) also managed to blow everything (but thankfully not blow it up), by falling for the 'News of The World' definition of anarchy, and trying (not very well) to act out this fantasy (an aberration of what true anarchism is), on the long suffering streets of London. They quickly squandered what little support they had by performing the 'News of the World' script in their 'Mayday' travesty of an anti capitalist action, which succeeded brilliantly in putting off nearly everyone in the country. Their last effort at the 'G8' conference in Scotland finished off any respect anyone had for them. Now all they can muster is a few brew crew, a couple of Ketamine casualties, and half a dozen informers.

We have also had to suffer the inept posturing of the 'Anti War Coalition' which started off bad and went down hill from there. The 'Coalition' was about as real as George Bush's 'Coalition' and was quickly taken over by the SWP (or are they MI5?), and unpleasant bullies like the stalinist cigar smoking George Galloway who made an unholy alliance with the Muslim equivalent of the Christian facist 'Moral Majority'. Their support gets less with every march they do; the latest may have had ten thousand people. That was mostly people from the Midlands taking advantage of a cheap bus ticket to do some shopping in Oxford Street. As for helping the Iraqi people? All they have done is make things worse - pretty much like George Bush!

Now the Tories look more radical (and effective) than most of the left. How sick is that?

We need an effective left now, before all is lost, before spring is extinct.

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