Sunday, March 26, 2006

freedom of expression rally: where there is smoke there is fire

The Freedom of Expression Rally happened on Saturday without a 'clash of civilization', or any racist riots - mainly because it was not a racist event despite all the pre advertising by various provocateurs who did their best to disrupt the event - and failed.

Freedom is a fountain!

Above & Below: Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell had the guts to speak at the Freedom of Expression Rally in London on Saturday. Pity all the prohibitionists on the so called 'left' failed to show. This was not surprising as Stalinists and SWP types have never supported freedom of expression. The real obscenity was the absence of any of the people who loudly claim to be 'anarchists'. They have turned into prohibitionists as well! Why? Because they are not really anarchists; most of them take money from the government (some as informers) and live on the dole. Most of them support laws against fox hunting! Most of them will be working as civil servants in a few years, if not already. 'Anarchists', 'Anarchists' everywhere, but not a soul that thinks. The Left is dead. Long Live the Left!

When some people tried to open a bookshop called 'Properganda' featuring properganda from all sections of the political spectrum, left, right and lunatic - it was the left who refused to take part. What a shame. The left is dead, long live the left!

The Freedom of Expression rally was not racist in any way (although there were certainly a few there). However anyone who thinks that criticizing any aspect of Islamic theology is racist - is a racist! Islam (which means Peace), is for all races, not just 'Arabs' or 'foreigners'; that is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! Allah Be Praised! All races, all religions including followers of the Atheist religion, and the Anarchist religion have a right to freedom of expression, not just the 'chosen ones'.

Most muslims could not give a damn about a few stupid cartoons, but they do care about being denied a voice and they deserve freedom of expression like everyone else.

Below: British Nationalist free speech is alive and well, living next to a whore house in Soho. Still we are all here because of sex (well almost all), and let Mary Whitehouse go on writhing in her grave..

Below: Of course there were a couple of nutters there - what do you expect at a 'freedom of expression' rally. Weird how the 'Thought Police' don't mind holocaust denial, but jumped on a guy carrying an effigy of Blair with a swastika round his neck!

Below: "Bananas! Bananas! Any one want some big, fat, wobbely bananas" - stall holder in Berwick Street.


CarnackiUK said...

Islam does not mean 'Peace' as taqiyyah merchants often claim.

It means 'Submission'.

schmoo said...

schmoo just checked and you are right in a way, but as is so often the case with religion, it is all down to interpretation. puts it fairly well:

"The term Islam is related to the Syriac 'aslem which means "to make peace, surrender" and that in turn appears to be derived from the Semtic stem of *slem which means to be complete".

Can't see anything wrong in that - except if you are a completely racist facist!