Tuesday, March 28, 2006

blogs worth watching: Guido Fawkes gets Margaret Beckett good

Guido Fawkes is too good! Now he's come up with another 'exclusive'; somehow he has dug up details of a 'blind trust' set up years ago by Margaret Beckett which he claims was designed to finance her leadership ambitions. He is demanding she name the people who gave her cash - fair point as she's been demanding the same from David Cameron and defending Tessa Jowell. The thing about 'Guido Fawkes' is he keeps on coming up with stuff you'd normally require the facilities of a major intelligence service to get! For example some how he dug up an old Simon Hughs flyer from years ago that pretty much put paid to his Liberal Party leadership campaign. Is he being fed information by some kind of dirty tricks department? You decide. Either way he is one of the best informed bloggers covering low life goings on in Parliament on the net. Today he's on to the bungling Prescott. We can 'exclusively' reveal Guido Fawkes was recently advertising knickers from Marks and Spencers, but the ad has 'mysteriously' disappeared to be replaced by one from Ann Summers! Definitely on the schmoo watch list.

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