Friday, March 31, 2006

tories hide loans: watch out there are pickpockets in the area

ANY idea that members of the 'Tory Sleaze Gang' have been reformed by their time in Brixton jail were dashed today when it was announced that they have 'laundered' the identity of several 'Mr Bigs' who have contributed to a secret slush fund of £5 million pounds.

They are using a technical accounting trick commonly used in the criminal underworld (otherwise known as the 'City'); 'bullshitting'.

The Tory Toffs are desperate to avoid telling the British public which 'war lords' are funding their plan to get away with the biggest robbery in British history: winning the next general election.

In the past few days, working round the clock, they have been maxing out every credit card available to them. Despite a full scale Scotland Yard investigation of their isolated farm in Notting Hill, the Sleaze Gang have managed to repay the £5 million.

Now, according to a legal technicality they do not have to tell the British Public who gave it to them in the first place.

Under BBC interrogation today, Tory front man 'Francis Maude admitted that the secret lenders could be foreign backers.

He was asked "Why would someone who does not live or vote in this country want to give you money? He denied any corruption: People who have backed us have backed us out of conviction."

schmoo says: Yeah - the 'conviction' that they would get preferential treatment from Notting Hill war Lord 'bin camercon' for every shady deal to rip off the British tax payer they can come up with.

Further evidence that the Tory Gang are back comes in the latest Sunday Times (March 26th) which reveals how since David Cameron took over, the Tories have accepted £100,000 from the wife of a foreign arms dealer, Wafic Said, who is barred from making political donations in Britain.

Said was involved in a massive multi-billion arms deal between Britain and Saudia Arabia which also involved Mark Thatcher - and was signed by his mother the then Prime Minister the 'punk tory gang leader' Maggie Thatcher.

Said was a regular doner of cash to the Tories, but made so much money that he 'had' to become a tax exile, and then foreign gifts were banned.

To get round this annoying ban, his wife 'bids' at fundraising 'auctions'. Last month Mrs Said bid £100,000 for a 'fun' eight person dinner at which Nicholas Soames, the former shadow defence minister, and Boris Johnson, current higher education spokesman are to be 'wine waiters'. According to the Sunday Times over £550,000 has been donated in this way by the Saids, but none of it has been declared.

Yet another example of how David Cameron is putting the 'con' back in the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile the Labour Party has revealed EVERY SINGLE donna (kebab) that Tony Blair has ever received.

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