Thursday, March 30, 2006

Condoleeza Rice UK visit: 'Stop the War Coalition' thugs threaten moderate muslims with no respect

'Stop the War' Coalition threats to 'invade' the Blackburn mosque at 6am this coming Saturday have caused the trustees of the mosque to cancel a planned visit.

The fact that their threat to invade the mosque is precisely the sort of thing they complain that iraq invasion supporter Condalissa Rice does is of course lost on the 'peace' campaigners. schmoo is no Rice fan (except for eating), but at least she has the honesty to 'come out' as an invading killer-locust, rather than pretend to be a peace campaigner.

A trustee of the mosque (Allah Be Praised) speaking on the BBC's 'PM' radio news program today said he was "disappointed, frustrated, angry" that they were forced to cancel the visit by Coalition thugs. Apparently the George Galloway inspired bullies attended a meeting on Tuesday and made it clear that they intended to invade the mosque on Saturday morning if the visit was not cancelled. Naturally the opinion of the people using the mosque did not count.

Moderate muslims had hoped to use the visit to counter 'islamophobia' which is a mental problem effecting 'Sun' readers and christians who attend 'Tescos' on Sunday more often than their churches. The mental condition threatens to become a 'pandemic' in Britain thanks to the activities of fundamentalist extremists who have been purposely spreading the virus on the internet.

The 'Stop the War Coalition' thugs are claiming that the visit by Rice was an insult to muslims - what they do not admit is that they have no respect for any religion except their own; Trotskyism.

They say the cancellation of Rice's visit is a 'historic decision' - and they are right. Nothing since the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks will spread the 'Islamophobia' virus more than this decision, caused by the bullying tactics of a bunch of sanctimonious fools who by their threats have proved they have no respect for Islam, Muslims or holy places. Hopefully historians will not be saying in the future that this was the begining of the civil war in Britain.

schmoo has just received a totally self congratulatory email from the 'Stop the War Coalition' saying they are going to have a 'Con-ference' on Saturday 10 June at Friends House, Euston Road, London. What a waste of time that will be.

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