Monday, March 20, 2006

march of morons: anyone who says anita roddick is a sell out is a police informer

schmoo went round to the 'anarchist' so called social center (more like squalid squealers bore yourself to death center) on Russell Sq after the 'Anti Iraqi People, March of Morons' organised by the SWPrats, which was quite rightly boycotted by almost everyone in Britain.

As usual the SWP liars are claiming 100,000 people supported their march, when in fact there were only 10 people there.

Spotted amongst the Saturday shoppers; 'No Nukes' Benn, the idiot who gave us Windscale Nuclear Power Station and has supported every lost cause ever since; Religious nutter (he believes in 'god') Bruce Kent from CND (run by M15, not god you utter twat); the vile George Galloway (Big Brother wannabe) smoking his £15 a time cigars like he was Stalin; a BBC reporter (I'm only doing my boring properganda job); a couple of 'Independent' Robert Fisk groupies (romantic insurgency supporters looking to have sex with a suicide bomber); and a couple of 'anarchist' fashion victims looking for a riot (between the hours of 1-5pm cos they're child minding after that).

As if a riot would accomplish anything except bring us even closer to prison camps, martial law and/or civil war than we are now. We need conflict resolution worldwide now - that is the real 'revolution'. Only agent provocateurs and police informers or 'Paris '68 revivalists' would be encouraging a riot. And if they really really want a riot - they can take the Channel Tunnel train, or Easy Jet, and be riot tourists in Paris right now (but they won't).

What a sad bunch of 'sell outs' the Russell Sq 'anarchists' are - they actually had the nerve to ask for money to get in to their 'March of Morons' after party; typical city stock broker war profiteer toff types! They already had a big tin full of cash - but the greedy creeps wanted more! And they call themselves anarchists! The Tories are more radical than these sell out catapult-ist (without even a catapult) exploiters of innocents.

Of course they are the first to jump on the hand wringing (minging) macho-anarchist 'I'm more radical than thou' band wagon, and start slagging off Anita Roddick for being a 'sell out'. What tatty, lazy thinking prats.

Basically they hate the fact she has changed the world for the better more than they ever will, is happier and healthier than them, has better quality, more lasting relationships than them, smells better than them, gets more press than them, and does not have to hang out in wobbly places with politically challenged fools like them. Also, as most of them are male losers who have been dumped by their girl friends, they probably hate the fact that she is a woman and a real revolutionary. If only Bono was like her - instead of being a card carrying member of the idiot Celeb Party.

The 'anarchist' (what a joke/insult to true anarchists), 'social' center stunk of police informing dole scroungers looking like white rasta brew crew, so we went to 'Mac Kill Yourself' just for the hell of it - better coffee (which is not saying much by the way), and no double agents (except possibly for the weirdo with the expensive mobile phone selling the 'Big Sell Out Tissue' magazine).

Apparently police informers get £160 a month on top of the basic dole rate. Watch out, the more 'anarchist' they look, the more likely it is they are working for the Masons. Also, most drug dealers and Green Party candidates are police informers.


the void said...

to which the obvious question is what has roddick done to make the world a better place

answers on a postage stamp

schmoo said...

She made hippies and crusties smell better for a start.

the void said...

bollocks, they used to smell of diesal and petuly oil, now they smell of refined petrochemicals and lavender oil

she didnt get 'em washing

the void said...

russell square social centres is a co-operatively run project involving over 200 people. far from on the dole, many of them are students, who took over the premises initially because of the exhorberant rents that those of us on low incomes, not lucky enough to be eligible for social housing are confronted with in the capital.

like most social squats it exists first and foremost as a place for people with no other choice to have somewhere to live.

those people have been kind enough to offer their home as a community resource, which has played host to bolivian groups, palestian events, anti id card events and many more.

simply it is a resource where people from different and diverse groups and organisations are able to hold benefit events, meetings and workshops at no cost to themselves.

many are grateful that some 30 people have allowed their home to be used in this way.

far from being brew crew dole scroungers, many involved who are not students work for a living and value the chance to relax in a family friendly environment where it doesn't cost two quid for a cup of coffee (a rarity in central london)

the top floor of the social centre is non smoking and they have a no booze policy except for social events and in the evenings when the residents are relaxing

in addition the centre is hosting free education classes, recently hosting a weekend of environmental skill sharing and currently running free spanish classes and dance capoeira workshops with different and varied classes being planned for the future.

the project also holds weekly advice surgeries for refugees

incidentally all cofee available is from the cafe rebelde, a project distributing fair trade organic coffee direct from the zapatistas in mexico and its only 50p a cup

so why not pop in next time you're in town check for current events and activities.