Thursday, April 13, 2006

children's rights: real fathers 4 justice in easter crucifixion protest

LONDON: The beautiful, sexy even, Westminster Abby, holy site of London, got special visitors today in the name of the 'Real Fathers for Justice'. They get their name from the 'Real IRA' but they are a lot nicer; i.e. they don't kill people, they just want to be good fathers.

The law is stacked against fathers, especially if they get suckered by nature, and have sex, without condoms (or the condom breaks), and they neglect doing the paperwork (getting married) - then they discover what being really ****ed means! They will have far less rights than the mother, especially if they start arguing with her. The two activists involved in this current protest say they have not been allowed to see their children for 4 years.

Above: This is a 'Real Father For Justice', he's got emotions, he can cry... he's got a lot of problems, but he cares enouph to be in front of Westminster Abby when he could be in the pub.

Above: Jesus was a homeless, single parent kid. Slag the dads off for stinking of booze, being right wing assholes and threatening violence if you want, and it's often the truth, but they are still dads, and their kids deserve justice; they deserve a dad, who ever he is.


The campaign group the Real Fathers for Justice today targeted the church stating:

“Crucified By The State, Ignored By The Church”

Easter is a time for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ Son of God, a man known for his deep respect of his father.
Easter is another annual day marked by family tradition, for many these family celebrations are far too often painful reminders of the loss and pain suffered by families torn apart by divorce and separation.

This is why The Real Fathers for Justice calls upon the church to no longer turn a blind eye or remain silent on such a fundamental foundation of our society.

The 5th commandment asks us to promise to honour thy father and thy mother while the government continues to devalue parenthood and in particular fatherhood. The catholic and protestant churches sit back and does little to encourage that Gods 5th commandment should be obeyed.

Real Fathers for Justice has resurrected its campaign which will see fathers putting their lives and liberty in jeopardy for the sake of their children.

Real Fathers for Justice demand that both parents be as equal in family law as they are in the eyes of God. We call for equal parenting laws to respect the rights of children to be parented by both parents. The campaign group seeks acknowledgement and support for such parenting rights.

* schmoo also likes Babies For Justice

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