Wednesday, April 5, 2006

david cameron: tories are a bunch of fruit cakes, loonies, closit racists (allegedly)

Hippie Tory David Cameron has attacked his most hardline supporters calling them "A bunch of fruit cakes, loons, closet racists basically". He claims they are pretending to be politically correct - but really they are racists. Racism is a crime in Britain. The left-wing Tory Party splinter group UKIPPER are threatening to take him to court for libel. They stick to British traditions like eating kippers for breakfast, with marmalade and cold toast and calling French people 'Frogs'. Their leader told the BBC 'PM' program they were making a "Rapid inflammatory response", It is "Just Not True" (that they are low life racist scum) he said. Cameron is desperate to rid the 'Blue Rinse' image of Tories as racists who hate all people with hair that is not colored blue.

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