Sunday, April 2, 2006

london 'peace protesters' invade front garden

Above and Below: 'Big Ben' and 'Old Bill' look on as mother of parliment's front garden is illegally invaded by 'peace invaders' in a so called 'civil disobedience action' on Sunday. There was one arrest. Police said "All they had to do was ask and everything would have been legal. As it is our hands are tied. What happened to manners?"

schmoo's theory is that manners went out of style when they made cannabis illegal.

This was hardly a 'civil disobediance' event. There is more civil disobediance in the average school playground. All that is required to hold a demo outside Parliament is the good manners to ask, but the organisers obviously wanted to sound 'revolutionary'. "Be prepared to get arrested" said the email - you must be joking! A sickening form of 'radical' machismo - especially as they had the nerve to use the deaths of thousands of people as an excuse. At least be honest! Under the so called 'draconian' law covering holding events outside Parliament the police are obliged to say 'yes' to any proposal unless they have a good public safety reason. Such childish events supported by spoiled brats who can not see freedom when it is stareing them in the face, can only serve to undermine the legitimate struggle for freedom and democracy in iraq. This involves millions of people who have never enjoyed the freedom to protest. Justice requires that we support them, not call for their cowardly abandonment.

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