Monday, April 3, 2006

true ballshit: US bans use of the word 'ballshit'

In the latest piece of real ballshit to come from the 'United States of Ballshit' we hear that the ballshiters have banned using the term 'ballshit' - this is real ballshit.

We have checked and it is really true (April 1st was a few days ago) - no ballshit:
The US Federal Communications Commission just declared that shit and all its variants, including bullshit, are not merely indecent - which is where the law stood after the supreme court washed its seven dirty words out of comic George Carlin’s mouth in 1978 - but are now profane if broadcast.
In a full of ballshit ruling, the words 'ballshit' and 'fuck' are judged to be 'profane' whereas racialist insults are not. Fuck! What ballshit.

Apart from the 'US Federal Comminications Commission' what exactly is 'ballshit'? There is a good definition at the Urban Dictionary:
N. A person who is mentally inept, and nearly every aspect of a normal, functioning life is drawn askew. As a result, they defecate their own testes instead of fecal matter.

Since females have no testicles, "ovaryshit" and "titfart" are also acceptable terms.
You can also find a lot of ballshit mixed up with unadulterated stupidity by well intended nice but totally misguided and misinformed idiots if you google 'uk anarchist', 'peace protestor', 'Vote Tory' or 'David Cameron'.

Good ballshit sites: indymedia or and their mother site at the 'Daily Mail'.

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