Tuesday, April 4, 2006

'crazy' italian opera download: 'coglioni' says Berlusconi

Reports are coming in of an amazing operatic performance by Italian opera singer Berusconi who has released a crazy 'digital' track in which he called his opponents 'coglioni' which means beautiful lovely, idiots and cretins in street Italian.

Over 10 million Italians have downloaded the crazy track making Berusconi number one 'coglioni' in Italy as Italians decide which opera company they want running the country for the next few months. Italy is as famous for changing governments as Britain is famous for changable weather.

In another part of Berusconi's lyrics he claims his center-leftist opponent in the Italian general election, the punk singer Prodi "relies on numbers like a drunk uses a lamppost - not to be shed light on, but just to lean on."

No wonder British lead guitarist Tony Blair decided not to have his holiday tour with Berusconi this year - he would not want to be shown up.

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