Saturday, April 22, 2006

war on bloggers: apple eats the mouths that feed it

Above: Bite by bite apple eats the mouths that feed it. A crazy court case in the US against bloggers is making Apple look like a Lemon.

Apple is arguing that bloggers are not real "legitimate members of the press", therefore they should be denied normal 'freedom of the press' rights - like the right to refuse to disclose their sources.

It seems Steve Jobs at Apple Computers, a front company for the 'Alien Intelligence Software Corporation', may have lost the plot. Inside sources say he hates psychic bloggers who have been writing about Apple products before they are officially announced.

Jobs refuses to believe the bloggers are psychic, and actually believes that the information comes from leaks at Apple research and development bases on the Moon and Mars. Now he is trying to force the bloggers to reveal their sources through the courts on Earth.

He thinks bloggers writing about Apple products, usually in a friendly way, giving free publicity read by millions of people, could be costing the company millions.


EFF stands up for online journalists' rights in Apple v. Does by ZDNet's Jason D. O'Grady -- Case has broad implications for journalists and confidentiality of sources...

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