Saturday, April 1, 2006

'paris hilton' a rapper? - good name for a dog

ALLEGED media addict, fur wearing exhibitionist, 'barby doll' sex monster, and well known Arian clone Paris Hilton, is at it again.

This time she is wanting to take people's money (doesn't she have enough) to listen to her being a 'rapper'. Or does she mean 'Slapper'?

schmoo would prefer to hear granddad singing in the bath. 'Paris Hilton'? Good name for a dog more like. This is the best 'april fool' so far!

Apparently the 'sexy socialite' (if you like plastic) has been in the recording studio with Oscar-winning US rappers Three 6 Mafia (who all want to fuck her) to lend her vocals (yeah sure!) to a host of tracks for her forthcoming debut album.

The hip-hop group recently met Hilton at a lavish Hollywood party and after a lengthy chat (over a few lines of coke?) decided to help the hotel heiress with her embryonic music career.

Band member Jordan "Juicy J" Houston is quoted on website "We ran into her and she said she liked our song 'Stay Fly' and asked could we work with her. We let her listen to a dance track. She really liked it and now plans to record it. ("rap rap rap")

"We're just getting into the studio and putting together some more tracks for her. Then we'll see where it goes from there." Like nowhere.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Hilton's ex, Paris Latsis, wants her back - but his parents won't let him.

The 'Simple Life' star is single again after dumping Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos - who is due to inherit $275 million when he turns 21 in April.

Latsis is now desperate to rekindle his romance with the sexy blonde, but his mum and dad have scuppered his plans because they still control all the cash.

He reportedly told friends: "Even if I wanted to get back with her I couldn't, my parents wouldn't allow it."

Can you blame them?

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