Monday, April 3, 2006

civil disobedience demo: police officer takes direct action

Right: A schmoo photo exclusive. In front of the Mother of Parliaments in London's seedy 'Whitehall' area a stunning act of civil disobedience is captured on a mobile phone, as a radical 'Police Revolutionary' takes 'direct action' against the forces of 'bollocks'.

A member of the 'bollocks' campaign tries to stop the Police demonstrator as he removes the poster without asking permission, and with out the slightest consideration for passers by and innocent tourists. They were enjoying being insulted by the bad language and visual pollution of the 'squatter camp' occupation lead by Brian Haw.

Known as the 'poodle' of 'Coalition' henchman George Galloway, Haw claims he is "Doing what I think is the Right Thing" in his 'War against Democracy', and lawn occupation, which does not have the backing of the United Nations and is therefore illegal according to campaigners.

NHS activist British Prime Minister Tony Blair is leading the campaign against the occupation of Parliaments front lawn. He is calling for the immediate withdrawal of Brian Haw and his elite 'squatter forces' who include members of the so called 'Coalition'. Although most members do not know the truth, the Coalition is backed by members of the Catholic Church which supported Hitler in the Second World War.

Blair's 'government' organisation is taking the poster monger Haw to court today in a bid to end the occupation once and for all. A recent poll said less and less people supported the occupation of tatty posters, and they want Haw (no relation to Lord Haw Haw) to go back to looking after his children.

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