Monday, April 24, 2006

law and order: overthrowing the oppression of crime

There is nothing more oppressive than the jackboots of a gestapo burgler 'commandeering' an old woman's DVD player; for "the cause".

Or the teenage 'hoodie' Ku Klux raider, racist to the core, stealing a bike off an old hippie, a retired social worker, "cos he's a wanker".

Or a deranged crack fiend, pissing in the lift on the way to score, and spending enouph to pay for a years school for a kid in Africa. Or a liberal, probally 'green' leftie trying to excuse it all, and blame it all on the 'pigs' (i.e. the police).

The trendy fashion 'glitterarti' buy up Banksy graffiti posters (the best artist in Britain) to put up in their Nottinghill tory-skunk-smoker fortresses. They enthuse at their violent-pacifist dinner parties in Golders Green, about the "graffiti 'art' revolution". But they would be the first to phone '999' if someone graffited their front door, their pretty garden fence, or the screen of their computer.

The fact is, like everything else, there is graffiti for the rich (clever, witty Banksy as seen in the Independent and Channel 4)) and graffiti for the poor - a load of mess in the lift to go with the smell of urine, and all round the block where you live.

The 'glitterarti' at the 'Glitiardian' and the 'Glitipendent' have been waxing lyrical about the 'erosion of civil liberties' under New Labour; what balloney. All they seem to care about is the liberty of people who call for the holocaust to be revisited on innocent London Transport users and council estate dwellers.

The fact is that the Tories, the Liberals and the fashion victim 'left', abandoned 'law and order' for every day people in housing estates and on the buses years ago.

What they really want is the 'freedom' to snort cocaine up their noses (soaked with the blood of Latin Americans) and, if they are so called 'anarchists', the 'freedom' to loot Oxford Street for consumer goods they could not otherwise afford.

No wonder none of them want ID Cards.

Thankfully we have people in the Labour Party like Tony Blair and Charles Clarke who have the guts to stand up to the fashion victims - and defend the real victims of crime; normal working people.

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