Thursday, April 20, 2006

Peugeot 'Karma': what happens when you make cars in China instead of Britain? You are doomed

Above: The 'Made in China' Peugeot 'Elysee' - recalled because of electrical faults.

The thousands of victims of the Peugeot double-cross in Ryton may be pleased to know what will be happening to the company that dumped them; it is doomed to fail, especially now that it has dispenced with their services.

China Daily reports that Peugeot is recalling about 20,000 cars made in China because of an electrical fault.

This is the 12th time this year that cars made in China have been recalled because of a problem. The case is the second-largest recall by volume.

Thats 'karma' for you!

* Hop Away Plan Twarted: Meanwhile the canny Ryson car workers have refused the offer of an immediate 'all out strike' put forward by the 'union' bosses who have worked hand in glove with the French multinational corporation for years. A strike would have saved the company a fortune - now they will have to negotiate a generous redundancy settlement - the last thing the hop away frogs wanted. As one worker said leaving the meeting with the union scab bosses: "They never helped us before, and they won't be helping us now."

• Wham and Run: British 'rock-cock-up' hero George Michael knows what to do to a Peugeot in support of the Ryton workers - smash in to it. He is now being quized by British cops for hiting a Peugeot 204 with his Range Rover 'Vogue', damaging two other cars - and driving away. Just proves Range Rovers are better than Peugrots.

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