Sunday, April 23, 2006

nepal: how not to do monarchy; violence continues

Above: BBC report from Nepal sent via video phone, viewed on TV via satellite (possibly American), via digital 'Freeview' (in London), photographed via mobile phone camera (3 mobile, Nokia), emailed to 'yahoo' account, downloaded via British Telecom (BT 'broadband'), and then 'posted' by 'schmoo on the run' (obscure london based blog) via ''.

BELIEVE it or not 'schmoo' has an inside link to the Nepalese Royal family! Our source tells us that Nepal's current 'god king'Gyanendra was definately responsible for the mass slaughter of the royal family five years ago.

Gyanendra managed to set up the Crown Prince Dipendra for the murders, when in fact it was him! Prince Dipendra was cast as a cannabis smoking 'crazy'. Nepal is famous for the excellent quality of hashish it exports, mainly to the flesh pots of Europe.

Now it looks like the Maoists, who are mainly teenage adolesents who want ipods, could take over the country.

However many Nepalese, who are an educated and sophisticated people (despite the wide spread believe that the Monarch is a reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu), want a constitutional monarchy, with the main power in the hands of Parliament - as in Britain and other successful European societies.

Many people believe the pretender King Gyanendra and his playboy son Prince Paras (otherwize known as 'Parasite' and blamed for several nightclub brawls and two fatal hit and run driving incidents), will be on an Indian military helicopter ride out of the country in the very near future.

The only question is how many potential ipod customers will have to die before that happens.

Nepal: a perfect example of what happens when the Monarchy loses the support of the voters.

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