Monday, April 3, 2006

iran next - or is it the west that is next?

A lot of people are thinking 'Is Iran Next?' but maybe it is the other way round? Is the West about to get a taste of 'refugee status' and collecting water in tins from the Red Cross?

Recent announcements from Iran are not encouraging. They seem to be holding a very strong position:

• Iranians have loads of oil - we don't.
• Iranians have a massive army - we don't.
• Iranians have a sense of pride about their country - we don't.
• Iranians pay personal debts on time - we don't.
• Iranians eat good nutritious food - we don't.
• Iranians have a low divorce rate - we don't.

And so on ..... The chances of them backing down over the nuclear issue are zero. The chances of us paying off our credit cards are ... zero.

Iran has successfully test-fired a missile that can avoid radar and hit several targets simultaneously using multiple warheads.

+ Iran's upgraded Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile has an alleged range of 2,000 km, which means that Tehran is capable of striking Israel or any other target in the region.

+ Yesterday they successfully test fired an underwater torpedo with a top speed of 360 km per hour, making it the fasted in the world. It can hit anything afloat, because nothing else can move that fast.

Basically Iran has got the Strait of Hormuz totally under their control - thats your electricity turned off pretty much any time they want. And $200 dollars a barrel oil, and food rationing, and camps for looters, and martial law, and maybe Blair & Bush for the next ten years .....

Not surprisingly the Iranians are winding up George "Bring 'Em on' Bush. Iran next? How neo-colonial! We can't even finish Wembly Football Statium on time. We are next!

How come Britain is not withdrawing the troops from Iraq? Because Blair is saving the airfares we'd have to pay to send them right back there again!

The Russians play chess, the Americans play checkers. The Iranians play Black Gammon, which looks relatively simple, but is more sophisticated than either chess or checkers. Still maybe there is hope for Britain, after all we play the Lottery!

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Neohippy'84 said...

Ha! awesome post. I was wondering what was taking the BB guns (i.e. Bush + Blair) so long to move along to their next four-letter-word.