Saturday, April 8, 2006

Rolling Stones in China: lets spend the end of the world together

Above: Mick Jagger, portrait by Ronnie Wood (photo: Debs Elemental).

No doubt some people will be slagging the Rolling Stones off for being 'Shanghaied' by their censorious Chinese hosts who have banned the lyrics of five of their best known songs.

However it appears that the Chinese are just trying to keep up with the Joneses - their American competitors in capitalism, bigotry and worldwide pollution. When the Chinese discovered the touchy Americans had banned 'Start Me Up' they immediately added it to their list.

Meanwhile the real obscenity continues: the Chinese economic rape of everything natural and beautiful in the pursuit of their domination of the cheap tat market worldwide, and the destruction of life on earth.

The Chinese don't want to hear 'lets spend the night together' because there may only be night soon at the rate they are destroying the planet.

This is the real porn; global anal and a chinese blow job.

No doubt there will be the usual comments about the Rolling Stones being 'rock dinosaurs' and 'bread heads' and the like, from the politically correct brigade. How ageist they are!

What about all those great blues and jazz artists that go on till they are 80+? The Rolling Stones are musicians pure and simple - and musicians like to play music, there is no age limit!

As for the boring, small minded argument that the Stones are 'bread heads'... this usually comes from the very same type of people who romantically go on about the miners and the dockers. These were the real 'dinosaurs' - a bunch of sexist, racist, sun reading, ... bread heads, who hated hippies and gays and black people and selfishly went on strike at the drop of a hat, despite being the best paid workers in the country.

The political whiners claim to be 'politically correct', but really they are politically inept. Their view of the world is so blinkered they can't see that bands like the Stones employ thousands of people in much better working conditions than the miners ever had, and contribute hundreds of millions to the economy. Not only do they contribute massively to paying for the great welfare state, nurses uniforms and hostels for the homeless, they spread a progressive, 'laid back' cultural message where ever they go. That is why it is good they are in China.

Meanwhile their neo-leftie/facist bigoted detractors, bleating 'ideologically unsound' as they go, would almost certainly ban the Rolling Stones completely, and put them in a camp given half a chance, for being too 'liberal'. No doubt we would all be forced to listen to nothing but Billy Bragg, 'worthy' folk music and repetative beats in their 'cultural revolution' of politically correct musical bigotry. Thankfully they will get no satisfaction.

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