Saturday, April 1, 2006

tv turn off week: tune out, turn off, and go out

THE 60's acid guru Timothy Leary coined the slogan 'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out' to encourage people to chill out and take L.S.D. Sadly for all of us the so called 'psychedelic revolution' turned into psychedelic inspired TV ads, and the slogan has become 'Turn On, Tune In, Fall Asleep in front of the TV.'

As anyone who has got cable TV knows, more can be less, but now there is a campaign, backed by schmoo, to get people to 'Tune Out, Turn Off and Go Out.' The aptly named 'White Dot' campaign is organising a 'TV Turn Off Week' 24-30 April, be out or be square eyed.

Meanwhile anti TV boffin activists have developed a 'wicked' anti TV device - the 'TV Zapper'(pictured below). The 'TV Zapper' gives the user the ability to turn off all TV's in their immediate vicinity with the touch of a button! Try it out at your local TV shop and see banks of TV's go off before your very eyes! Drive you friends, and family crazy - so they get off their fat butts and get some exercise! They might even use their brains!

Above: the TV Zapper: Tune Out, Turn Off and Go Out.

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daniel said...

Hey Schmoo! Thanks for the post! The TV zapper is called "TV-B-Gone".

Jean Lotus
white dot