Wednesday, April 5, 2006

direct action: 'click against a git' campaign - drugs, sex, football, anarchy

AS you probally know the 'blogosphere' is populated by large numbers of racist, facist, nazi loonies who get millions of hits.

'Schmoo On the Run' is listed against them and currently stands at no 150 out of thousands but the fascist, George Bush loving, wannabe consentration guards, and fake anarchists are still ahead!

But you can make a difference: you can 'CLICK AGAINST A GIT' by hitting 'schmoon on the run' on a daily basis. Bookmarx this revolution now!

You don't have to read our exclusive drugs sex football analysis of world events, essential to your survival.

All you have to do is 'Click against a Git', and you could help stop the ozone hole above you getting bigger by changing world opinion.

Rember: drugs, sex, football, anarchy; click againt a git.

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