Wednesday, April 5, 2006

cold war 3: china v USA yankee paper tigers; showing now!

Dateline Venezuela: Top rapper President Chavez of Venezuela is hitting it to the Bush loving Yankees on the BBC, but China is the record company manager.

You heard it first from schmoo:
Cold War Three is well under way. The Chinese have taken over Africa and Latin America. Iraq was the USA move against the invasion of the Congo.

The Chinese make Uncle Sam look like Oxfam; all they care about is bucks; fuck human rights, fuck the environment, fuck you - and thats the Chinese being liberal. They got consentration camps selling body parts to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile all those hippies talking about 'peak oil' ; they all full of hemp seeds! There is enouph oil just in Venezuela to last till 2201 at least:
"In the future Venezuela won't have any more oil - but that's in the 22nd Century" - Hugo Chazez
• More on Cold War Three soon from our real expert - watch this space (and get your emergency food-drugs-porn-condoms supplies now).


the void said...
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the void said...

sorry hate to be picky

but the 22nd century begins in 2101

which gives us 95 years till the oil runs out

not quite so optimistic

schmoo said...

Yeah, but there could be oil on Mars ...or Pluto!