Saturday, April 1, 2006

tory lords sleeze: chris martin of coldplay implicated

IN A NEW twist to the 'Lordships for cash' scandal rocking the british establishment the Guardian reports that David Cameron (pictured right) has accepted a pro Tory 'pod-cast' by Chris Martin of Coldplay called 'Talk to David'.

Chris Martin is a member of the 'Vegan' religious cult who believe they would die in the jungle rather than eat meat or even ants. He has obviously fallen for the 'Eco-Tory' hype by Cameron. The reformed drugie politician (is there anything worse?) recently installed a windmill costing over £2000 on the roof of his billion pound victorian castle in Notting hill. The windmill powers two light bulbs, which Camercon claims will save the planet.

schmoo says: There is one extinction we need: the Tory Party. Thankfully 'Coldplay' is already pretty much finished - or so they have promiced.

David Cameron is selling the lie that by wearing 'freetrade' trainers and sucking up to eco-fashion victims like Chris Martin, 'Life as Tories Know It' can go on forever. How low can you get? Watch Cameron and the likes of Chris Martin of Coldplay, and you will see.

• Fact: Hitler was a vegetarian and liked windmills.

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the coldplay story was an april fool by the way, been meanin' to let ya know

incisive stuff

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