Sunday, April 9, 2006

immigration: bush calls for fence to come down round area 51

Above: The fence at Area 51.

It is not often we agree with US President Bush (except about the war in Iraq, and the fact that the sky is really green) but his position on immigration is correct; let the aliens in legally, after all they are already here.

Also we need their technology and a few extra hands. It's time to bring down the fences.

schmoo says: Six months ago on the mexican border they demolished a third of the houses in a mexican village because they were used to shelter illegal immigrants. Just another crime against humanity. Yet the US economy would collapse if Mexican 'illegals' did not continue to be available to work. Apartheid is alive and well and living in America - and so is slavery. You can see it especially strongly in places like Texas, and California where Mexicans do the majority of the hard work and get paid far less than everyone else. It is disgusting to see.

Huge demonstrations are going on in America to end this outrage, and stop new laws that would make things even worse. But the powers that be racist-facist-pigs in america-klux-klan are very powerful. We can expect a massive fight, and possibly violence, because there has been a lid on this problem for years.
America's strength was being the melting pot of the world - judging by the way they are treating their immigrants now, no wonder they have been going down hill for years.

Now America can't even invade a country successfully - how ironic that so many Americans want to stop immigration, yet the same people support the invasion of Iraq! And virtually all of them are immigrants, or the decedents of immigrants. What rotten apple pie hypocrisy.

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