Saturday, April 8, 2006

informer news: Jesus set up Judas in holy 'sting'

Judas - the most reviled police informer in history may in fact have been innocent and was in fact 'set up' by Jesus Christ to take the blame for an 'assisted bust' so that Jesus could become more famous than John Lennon.

It is even possible that it was Judas who really wrote the plot of the Da Vinci Code; an English court ruled yesterday that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were not the authors of the 'Holy Blood and the Holy Period'.

The 'Gospel of Judas' was discovered in an egyptian cave in 1978. Biblical scholars have spent the last five years piecing together the fragments of papyrus and translating the text.

The Guardian quotes Jesus from the transalation of the 'Gospel of Judas': "You will be cursed by the other generations - and you will come to rule over them."

schmoo has a terrifying theory: Judas is reincarnated as rock traitor Bono, whose 'you'r in the red forever' credit card is taking over the world.

If you want proof of the Bono - Judas connection, check out the National Geographic Channel which will be showing a documentary about the 'Gospel of Judas' on Sunday at 9pm. The main ad on the site where you can exclusively download the full text of the Gospel is for Bono's 'red devil' credit card.

Above: The well known exhibitionist Jesus Christ surfing on water. Illustrations from Gerhard Haderer's satirical book 'The Life of Jesus', which got him busted for blasphemy and sentenced to six months jail in Greece last year.

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